Zend Framework newbie

How a noob tryin to learn Zend Framework

Where can I find the complete options list that I can give to Zend_Appliation?

When you start to understand the Zend_Application, and  getting clear how to bootsrap “resources” (classes..etc that your app will use), then you will see that there are a lots of options, you can give to Zend_Application.  (You can put these options in an .ini file, too. see previous post)

So I raised the question: “Where can I find the complete options list?”  You can’t find them in the official documetation.. there is a page where you can find some of these options, but much more out there.

So in #zftalk on freenode they gave me this link to an application.ini file. This is a cheatsheet, so  here you can find  all the  available configuration options via Zend_Application.

After some days I found out that there is a site for ZF (zend framework) developers called “devzone”. There, they just linked the same application.ini cheatsheet 🙂 (what I’d just found on #zftalk with hard work) So I thought I will put this devzone into my RSS reader, coz I see they can give useful links for me, too (despite im noob at ZF).


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